The Idea

The Beginning

Touring the British South every summer for almost the last 10 years, usually spending more then 4 weeks in Devon, I've met a totally different flower variity as I know from the continental mainland, where I happen to live. Mainly the warm-sheltered valleys and the Gulf Stream provide more or less frostfree winters, so many flowers survive that far north, far away from their natural surroundings

Within all this - unknown to me - flora, there has been one which excited me much more than all the other, I've to admit, I have fallen in love - with the Agapanthus. A love which still is true, now for many years.

But, buying some plants and taking them home is just one side of the story. Keeping them the right way, is the other side. Questions over questions arised. How to water them, how to keep them over winter, how to propagate it, and so on. As the UK and the Agapanthus - selling - nurseries being far away, I've started to contact libraries, gardening magazines and gardening - friends, grapping every information I could get on. Even the internet has been checked worldwide. But the information I got, wasn't very much at all. Just short notes or articles, always just mentioning the main data. The Agapanthus is quite uncommon in Germany.

Finally digging deeper and deeper, I found a South- African book out of the 50ies, met people in Belgium and Germany, who also not just have but grow Agapanthus - and returning to the UK, found the national collection at Bicton Agriculture College, Devon and visited several of places where they grow Agapanthus (Dick Fulcher etc. ) .

Questions and no end.

Buying an Agapanthus is just the beginning of a long journey. Where to place it, where to put it in the winter, how to pot it, how to propagate. A lot of contacts revealed: Some people on the continent call an Agapanthus their own, but quite a bit are unhappy with their flower. It doesn't bloom, it looses it's leaves, they don't know what to do with it in the winter, ... .

The Idea

"Gathering information and bringing Agapanthus - owners together", these are the main ideas of this internet site. It's not necessary, always to start at "point zero". Working together, we can share our knowledge, gathering information out of books and articles as we can take part at each others expierences, up and downs.

Besides the more informational - lexica-like part, we want to emphasis the possibility to communicate in the forum. It's free to everybody who loves Agapanthus. As we all help each other, we can provide happy Agapanthus-owners all over the world.

We want to apologize as lots of the given information applies more to the continent, the origin of these pages. As more UK - users will share, we'll gladly add the given topics.

Your Agapanthus - Friend

Berlin, May 2002

I really've been taken by total surprise, getting that much response for this website. Within a few weeks after publishing we got more than 100 visitors a day, - now we've an average of 250 visitors a day, that's 7500 a month, incredible. The honor to receive a formal invitation to the Dutch Agapanthus Days took me by surprise as well.  

Things develop, 2 nice books about Agapanthus being published by Dutch friends - so partly this page needs to be redone / being added to.

The first step is taken now - a new Content Management System is installend, so I can change and add content to the website by myself without asking my husband or daughter to help. Doing this, the website lost some of its graphical layout in order to be more flexible - I hope You understand.
Berlin, May 2006


Many thanks to my husband and his company Church & Sound, he's responsible for the professional outfit and programming of these pages, and to the cid - christliche internet dienst GmbH (christian internet service), our provider,, lastupdate 2002/06/03 (rzi).