Nederlands Agapanthus Dagen 2003

Dutch Agapanthus Fair 2003

The First Dutch Agapanthus Fair, held from July 18th till 20th, showed to be a great success. Organised by and held on the magnificient estate of "House Verwolde" in Laren, Gelderland province, more visitors than ever expected showed up. "Calculations based on 500 plant-lovers, more than 1500 made up their way", said the initiator, Mr Gerrrit Pleijer, Estate Manager, and Mr Wim Snoeijer. Two sunny days, Dutch, Belgium and British nurseries - run by the most wellknown Agapanthus Growers throughout Europe - selling their plants and new cultivars, Information- and bookstalls, readings and lectures and the wonderful decorated Estate and "House Verwolde", everything fitted together for a wonderful outing.

As Agapanthus, or commonly called "Lily of the Nile" or "African Lily", is facing more and more popularity these years throughout the European continent, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the USA, there is still a lack of profounded information and places for sale. Often just one or two no-name plants in some blue or white tints will be found at the nurseries or garden-centers round the corner, often wrongly labeled. People getting dissappointed, as plants rot away or die during winter, as "hardiness" is differently defined throughout the countries. The Agapanthus Days will bring the Agapanthus-lovers together, sharing their expierence, spreading the new species around the countries. Growers share their knowledge and get to know each other better. All making Agapanthus just more popular in Europe!

We, Eta & Rainer Zincke, were presenting information about this website at the information stands. This was in the stand together with the Dutch author Hanneke van Dijk. The next information stand was by Wim Snoeijer, Agapanthus enthousiast. The manuscript compiled and written by Snoeijer is now at Timber Press, Portland, USA, for editing and is planned to be published in spring 2004. Hanneke van Dijk, will write a popular version from this manuscript in Dutch, also planned to be published in spring 2004. When all goes well, these 2 books will be released during the 2nd edition of the Agapanthus Fair at House Verwolde in 2004.

The house was decorated with Flower arrangements in which Agapanthus was used. These stems were donated by several cutflower nurseries like Kees Duivenvoorde, Agapanthus Breeder, and perennial nursery Maas & van Stein. There were about 1600 stem used, and one of the biggest flower arrangement was made by the flower arranger in front of the House, in one big blue ball (see picture) In this blue ball, the cultivar'Dr Brouwer' was used, one of the most famous cutflower bred by Duivenvoorde.

(Snoeijer, Zincke, pictures © R.M. Zincke, Church & Sound)