Agapanthus forms clumps of strap-like, usually curved leaves which grow from a base of fleshy, tuberous roots. The leaves are coloured in several shades of green, or are even variegated. Also their length and width can vary considerably. There are two main groups to be distinguished, the evergreen and the deciduous species (which sheds its leaves in the wintertime).

Evergreen agapanthus leaves are very wide and often very long. The leaves of the deciduous species are narrower and up to 25 cm long.

The umbel flowers are held on long stems (30 -120 cm). They are made up of many individual flowers in a cluster. There is a great variation in the number of individual flowers and their shapes. Depending on the species, the umbel flowers consist of 10 - 50 up to 150 tube - or funnelshaped individual flowers. White in its different shades is the prevalent colour:

  • snow white with yellow stamens
  • white with a watercolourlike shimmering shade of blue
  • white with blue stamens and a blue stripe on the flowers
  • white with green stamens

Within the blue colours, we find all shades from light to dark blue, even with a touch of lilac (in recently bred hybrids).